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Submitted on
November 24, 2009


Well, Issue 2 should be coming to a close pretty soon, so if you want Snap to answer any of your questions, be sure to submit them here to this journal entry. The more questions you submit, the higher the chance that Snap will answer one of them! Be creative with your questions, and don't be afraid to ask legitimate questions if there actually is something about A&F that you're curious about.


So, what is "The Adventures of Ash & Friends"? It's a fan-made online comic that reimagines the story of Pokémon. It's a story that's different depending on which interpretation it is (whether it's the games, one of the many different manga series, or the anime), and this is yet another interpretation. This particular version of the story encompasses many aspects of the several Pokémon universes, while also incorporating some new ideas. Additionally, there's a large focus on comedy. It's also a bit of a parody, but still pays tribute to the source material.

This account can be considered a "group" or "club", if you want... but actually, it's not really like the other ones you find. It's more like... a place to host this Pokémon fancomic (or doujinshi, if you prefer)! Here is where I'll be uploading future issues and certain art related to the comic (like character profiles) from now on (as opposed to my regular deviantART account).

If you decide to watch this place, you'll always be up to date (provided you come to deviantART, of course). For now, I don't really have "club activities" or anything like that in mind, but if you're a fan, you can automatically be considered a member by simply watching this place. By preference, it'd be nice if you list this club somewhere on your account. :aww:

If you want to be an affiliate, then send a note asking about it with a link to your club (if the account you're sending from isn't the club) and make sure to have this place listed somewhere on your club as an affiliate.


Club Founder :


Fans / Club Members :

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Affiliates :

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Ay Snap!

What is your real name?! Is Snap just a nickname?!

Is it true that you find your true love when you are 14?
Hey Snap!

How is it that with every new region, there's like a hundred new "previously undiscovered" pokemon that show up, especially when some are so darn common?
GoldenSama Feb 28, 2010  Professional Writer

If Pikachu became infected with the Pokemon version of the Zombie Virus, whose brains would he eat first -- Ash, Misty or Brock?

Where the smurf are the smurfing smurfs
GoldenSama Nov 25, 2009  Professional Writer
Okay Snap!

If our heroes were on a reality show, which of them would be voted out at the end of this issue?
Ahah! Question!

What Pokemon would Ash, Misty, and Brock want to have most of all each?

And hopefully I'll think of more later!
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